The highest purpose and privilege of every true follower of Christ is to shine the light of Jesus Christ for all to see.

Shining God’s light to others through our daily lifestyle and attitude is essential to a healthy Christian life. Jesus declares in Matthew 5:16 that as humanity sees our good works towards them here on earth, that they will glorify the Lord who is in Heaven.

On the SHINE Team, we come together to serve the Lord and serving others with good works, that all may see and glorify HIM! We’re all in this together and there’s a place for YOU! Here, you won’t get involved in a ministry and get left out there on your own. On the SHINE Team, we want to help equip you to find your place in the Kingdom of God.

What is the SHINE Team?
The SHINE Team is a group of awesome people who have uncovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them.

From creating a welcoming environment by serving coffee at Lighthouse Café, waving someone into a parking spot, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on a SHINE Kids Team, to growing your creativity in art and sound on the Media Team, to encouraging someone with a friendly smile as a Greeter or serving at a shelter to show that we care —we are a group that advances the Kingdom of God.


Take the next step in joining the SHINE Team by getting started in First Steps. First Steps is designed to equip you to live life as a fully-devoted follower of Christ—from learning the essentials of our faith to discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose.  First Steps is 45-minute class that occurs on the first Sunday of every month.  We invite you to jump in at any time after a Sunday morning service.

I’d like to join the SHINE Team!

Join the SHINE Team!